Cast and Crew

Annie Rimmer-Weeks (Actor, Writer, Producer) After many failed New Years resolutions in December of 2014 she decided to create a fun and attainable goal. Her idea was to wear something with a cat on it everyday for an entire year. Some friends enthusiastically supported this challenge while others changed their phone numbers. Since then Annie has collected far to many (ugly and cute) cat related items, a fiery rescue cat, and is now launching a cat related web-series. She hopes you enjoy watching Evil Cat as much as she had fun making it. And if you don't then she will sic her cat on you!

Erin Lehn (Actor) Erin is an actor, writer and digital media producer who also happens to adore cats, but not as obsessively as her dear friend Annie. However, she has been accused of loving her former feline friends more than people in her life. She admits there could be some truth in that. When she's not assuring Annie that her cat is not trying to kill her, she can often be found on her yoga mat in downward dog pose--much to the chargrin of neighborhood cats. 

Jason Williams (Director, DP, Actor) Jason is allergic to cats and feels that all cats are intentionally trying to make him uncomfortable and itchy. While these allergies may stand in the way of his ability to breathe he will still fight/sniffle on to in order to bring you Evil Cat.

Mike Wilson (Key Grip, Sound, DP) Mike is passionate about teaching animals (especially cats) how to play the piano. Currently his cat can play Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 even though he's more of an acid jazz cat. Most days Mike's cat be found jamming on the piano to Miles Davis Records.

Orie Weeks III (Editor, Animator, Sound Design) The cutest thing one of his former cats used to do was lay on his chest and pet his face with his paw. It totally makes up for the whole pooping in a box thing.

Shauna Carattini (Vocals, Music) Shauna is a singer and songwriter/arranger. She's an animal lover from birth; currently sharing space with an elderly kitty who's losing her hearing and meows incredibly loud to get your attention. She's so excited to be a part of Evil Cat and enjoys making cat music.

 Tyler King (Vocals) Tyler has always been intrigued by larger cats that hunt. Particularly those drawn on the walls of Mexican restaurants on McLoughlin Blvd. 

Chris Harris (Actor/Animal Support Group) From a very early age in his childhood, Christopher Harris has always had a love of animals, pets, and even pet owners. He has a particularly special fondness for cats. Even though he spends much of his time creating theatre and teaching, he always finds some personal time looking for furry and feathered friends.

Jayne Stevens (Actor/Animal Support Group) Jayne is looking forward to meeting new cats on this project. She has enjoyed the company of felines since a young age. Her first cat was Keeli, who ultimately sealed her fate by standing under a slamming garage door. Her current favorite furry friend is Elvira, who was named after a ghost and enjoys jumping out and menacing small children at every opportunity.

Josh Belville (Actor/Animal Support Group) Josh is an actor and writer. He has a cat named Jowers who looks like Grumpy Cat, but she's more like Neurotic Cat. She also loves to lick phone charger cables. Why? Why does she do this? Josh does not know. He was okay with it until she chewed one cable up, which caused it to stop charging his phone, which nearly made him late for work one day because the phone died while he was asleep. He keeps telling Jowers to stop licking the cables but she won't, because she's a cat. She also pees on his bed sometimes when she's anxious--look, anyway, Josh is an actor and he is very happy to have worked with Annie on this marvelous project!

Heather Ovalle (Actor/Animal Support Group) when not memorizing lines she makes her living slinging drinks and serving people at a golf course. She owns a dog, and though not a cat lover, she seems to be able to be civil when in the presence of the feline creatures... evil or not.

Jay Fleweling (Animal Psychic) A lover of cats and native of Portland, Jay showcases his broad comedic prowess around town. Jay is a cast member of Curious Comedy Theater and also performs in the troup J Names. You can find more info about Jay on his website: 

Leon Anderson (Actor/Date) Leon likes cats enough. Leon Anderson is mildly allergic to cats. Leon choses to sacrifice his mild acceptance of the feline kind, in order to preserve his health. Leon thinks tigers and cheetahs are pretty cool though. Oh yeah he's an actor, too.

The Redundant Void Dance Troupe is composed of siblings Adolphinius Void, Thelonius Void, and Marginalia Void, and is available to perform at bris ceremonies and pre-nuptial agreement signings for a modest fee.